Cause Mom Says So is a PR friendly blog!

I am always looking for opportunities to work with companies looking to promote their brands and products. I provide honest reviews, host fun giveaways, and write informational paid posts, as well as offer advertising space. Cause Mom Says So is a resource to families looking to find new products and services that are socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and family friendly! One of my favorite things about blogging  is to introduce new brands and concepts that make life easier for Moms, I mean, families.
Married Mom of 4, I get to stay home with the little gremlins which truly is a blessing, most days. Of course, there are those days I stop and think, “Why, oh, why?”. My husband and I have a big age range of kiddos. My stepson is 15 and I’m told (by veteran Moms who have lived to see the other side) that I’ll survive these horrendous teen years. I’m not entirely convinced? We’ll see. We also have three princesses ages 3, 6, and 9. Yep, there seems to be some kind of significance between my fertility and the number 3? And, yes, I’m now completely aware that those 3 little girls will eventually be teens too. I didn’t really think about that when they were so cute and brand new. Hmmm.
We do have a few furry family members squished in our bursting-at-the-seems bungalow that include 3 cats (again, with the 3?) and a 2 year old St Bernard. I know I love this dog because he still lives here despite the hair and drool. It’s kind of the same concept as knowing how much I love my husband. Despite the crazy long work hours (that I really do appreciate) and the onslaught of laundry, lunches, and errands he requires…he still lives here too.
Reviews and Giveaways
Cause Mom Says So reviews require a non-returnable product or service that will be used and tested. Reviews are posted within 4-6 weeks of receiving the product sample. This time frame is negotiable if necessary. I do encourage a sponsored giveaway to coincide with the review as they generate traffic and additional exposure. And, I like to offer readers the opportunity to win a product or service. I promote reviews and giveaways via social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Stumbleupon, Giveaway Promote, She Promotes.com, and more.
Most giveaways run for a 2 week period and utilize a Rafflecopter form for unbiased entries. Giveaway winners are allowed a 48hr window to claim their prize before an alternate winner is chosen. After a winner is confirmed, their information is forwarded to you, the sponsor, who is responsible for prize fulfillment (i.e. shipping and handling of any prize).
I use a combination of my own pictures, stock photos, and videos (if applicable) to inform readers about the details of products and services. I outline my experience and opinions about said product or service and showcase it’s best qualities. That being said, my reviews are an honest representation of my opinion and are not up for compromise regardless of free product or monetary gain.
Paid Posts and Advertising
Cause Mom Says So offers paid post opportunities and both text and banner ad space to get the word out about your product or service. For details on rates, please email harlowjessica@gmail.com.

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